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Every problem requires a unique solution. Our team is ready to pick a local professional for any of your needs. It’s essential to find a person with the right set of skill and experience. Let us know what you need help with and we will come up with the best solution.

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Financial Assistants

In our world with constantly changing economy not everyone is able to keep up. Our finance team is ready to help you with all sorts of online financial activities remotely. Investment, accounting, calculating taxes – we can make it easy. Learn More

Construction Workers

Need to find a construction team for your project? We can help with that. Discover local construction teams with experience and excellent reputation. Architects, engineers, project managers, construction workers – we can find any skill set you need. Learn More

Reliable Drivers

If you in need someone to operate a vehicle ranging from trucks to personal vehicles you are in the right place. Only the best drivers with years of experience make it to our list. Learn More

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I was in urgent need for a reliable driver for my kids. That challenge was a tough one for me but I surely did find an excellent professional I can trust! Many thanks to Cascade service since my request was resolved very shortly offering me a few candidates. This exceeded my expectations. Beyond doubt, I would highly recommend Cascade.

Clara Wells

CEO – Eastern Star Resources

Cascade was a lucky find. A new project of our company was lacking work-force and Find a Talent platform helped me to get new employees fast and easy.

Daniel Paige

HR manager

Cascade was a lucky find. A new project of our company was lacking work-force and Find a Talent platform helped me to get new employees fast and easy.

Jacquelin Mackie


Excellent service was provided to me last month when Cascade team saved my contract. Unexpected thing got me in the situation where I needed to find two marketers and two writers over the night. I was almost desperate to find anyone, posted a gig and marked it as ‘asap’. The next morning, I got 6 offers, even more than I needed. These professionals went the extra mile for this work! Very grateful for such a service, my respect to Cascade!

Casey Pills

A Head Executive at Excel Marketing, Inc.